Kahl's Square, Warsaw
transfer, outline, passage, space, mirror view, imagination, form, road, skeleton, axis, luggage, sculpture, opening, lightness, coming out.
This project sets the central axis of Sculpture Department free and moves it 50 meters to open space, near Vistula river. It is achieved by marking and symbolically enacting the most important construction elements of the main corridor, communication paths and crossings, passages and rooms occupied by lecturers and students, and places where art is created – and where artists are forged. The corridor is a skeleton of the building, a path to rooms and workshops, where people meet one another, react on the, argue, discuss, pass others, and – eventually – leave the well-known place. This is a short walk and – at the same time – an ultimate transfer: entering the world at large.
installation in public space
June 2010
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