Anomaly no 1.

The stairs are a transition between the top and the bottom - this transfer has no clearly defined direction.

The stairs are a silent witness of accidents, death and simple stumbles. Fall and pain. The stairs are a simple story about violence. A semi-public space.
Stairs force you to walk in a specific way. We learn this from our childhood. First backward, backward, then run, every second step. Up, up and up!
The glass in front of the sculpture is an inability or reluctance to act, distance, isolation, and maybe helplessness in the face of situations that we encounter in life. You don't have to get involved on either side, you can easily displace what you've seen or pass it by indifferently. Glass absolves idleness.
Anomalies is a series of new works by Anna Barlik presented in the artist's studio. The works are specially displayed behind the glass of the studio so that the experience of the form differs from the normal interaction with the sculptures. Therefore the series of works are an anomaly. 
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