Stacking Objects, from the Balancing Reality series, is a story about strategies for organizing
reality amidst constant overstimulation. About searching for the balance between neverending
projects, deadlines, family, and social obligations. And it's not enough to just manage, the
surrounding narrative needs to be perfect as well, with the cherry on top.
Anna Barlik's work is often autobiographical - personal experiences are the starting point for formal
explorations. Consistent use of simplified, abstract motifs allows her to set her individual
perspective in a more universal context.
The objects presented at the exhibition are a collection of seemingly mismatched parts, many of
them referring to the artist's earlier works. The elements pile up chaotically, creating constructions
that at first glance have no right to be stable. However, as long as they manage to maintain
verticality, perhaps something else can still be added?
STACKING OBJECTS \ moving out 
steel powder coated 2023

STACKING OBJECTS \ family dynamics
steel powder coated 2023
STACKING OBJECTS \ construction site
steel powder coated 2023
steel powder coated 2023
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